5 smartphone dream with technology amazing

Today, most smartphones get updates on most glasses and features alone. The smartphone vendor does not directly bring remarkable technology on a smartphone. This is to repress the production expenses and earn maximum revenue.
Yes, it can be supported.

Nevertheless, in case you may apply for a technology on a smartphone, you want what kind of technology? Smartphone dreamed anyone would not be the same. Perhaps some people dreamed of having a smartphone that does not need to recharge it. Possibly some of them want a smartphone that can be used in the bath.

All these aspirations could be realized for some smartphone developers have also created a smartphone dream like that. However, it seems most of the smartphone is not commercialized or still in the development stage.
Today, instead of curious dream smartphone. Here are five smartphone dreams with amazing technology, as reported by Engadget.

Dingo referee is a smartphone that is rainproof and can be washed with soap.It lets you to bathe together with the smartphone.. Smartphone Digno Rafre already on sale in Japan

Delta V is a smartphone that can shoot your own electricity by means of photovoltaic (sunlight), piezoelectric (vibration), and triboelectric (friction).

Nokia has to innovate to create the concept of E-Cu smartphone. The smartphone is wrapped with copper, which allows the human body heat is changed into electricitThat means, users do not need to recharge it again because they are quite pocketed it and mobile phone will be filled itself.lf.

EcoMobius is artificial ZTE smartphone modular replaceable components like a teaser. If you require a long-lasting battery, you just replace the battery section onlLikewise, parts of other smartphones.

O2 Recycle is a smartphone that was produced by Sean Miles from DesignworksThis smartphone is built from reclaimed parts of the phone and grass clippings collected from the arena of world rugby, Twickenham Stadium London..The purpose of getting to the O2 Recycle to combine nature with gadgets..
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