Latest Computer Technology Breakthrough Year

Nowadays it is spelled "ages" it
Gizmo, so sometimes Computers / PC can be seen a little old school, but as we know that there will be no stopping innovation constantly, the company's corporate giants are now becoming increasingly competing like "Ocean of War" in the struggle for power. Innovators ntuk Research continues to discover a new
Coming after a review of six new technologies that will be launched this year

"Wireless Charging"
This technology adds up from the company Intel
IE technology where we can perform a battery charging without having to plug in the device to the sources of electric current.
Intel wants to build the "Wireless Charger" is like, we're currently looking for a wifi signal in the caf├ęs, restaurants, airports and other public places.Similarly Laptop recharge without the arranger, not interesting?

This year, Intel has to demonstrate some kind of laptop that has been able to recharge wireless Intel bandaged technology "Wireless Charger" with "Magnetic Resonance", and has been raised by some alliances.iances. Already there are close to places that have implemented this technology as to perform charging Smartphone / laptop for general however has not been announced widely.

"Wireless Display"
This technology makes it possible to link a laptop wirelessly to the other monitor bebearapa, Wireless Display is able to function when in range. Intel hopes that this mapping can be applied such as when a meeting / learning in the classroomOne Laptop can stream instantly to other laptop monitors.Wireless Display will get a moment with the growing adoption of WiGig. That is a firmer version of speed

In addition to Intel, Qualcomm will also adopt WiGig for gadgets such as smartphones and tablets goal for onshore connected from the TV to the Wireless Smartphone.

"Interactive Computer"
Data processors will be able to be perceived by a combination of user movement, sound and
visual introduction to the technology that has been installed in the PC.
This year will be supplanted with a regular camera Cameras "RealSense" 3D Intel, which is able to recognize objects and bahka measure the distance of objectsThis camera also serves as recognizing gestures commonly used to create the gameIntel holds a lofty goal which the findings of this technology aims to combine visual, voice and input in order to identify the mood and reading habits of men.

"Leaner, faster, lighter, better"
TThe use of a slogan this Intel is, the technology refers to the thin-paced, fast, and light would be better for now. The data processor will create a more tipi as the company has introduced a laptop as thin The computer that will be the generated Intel also provides a battery life longer the processor Broadwell and Skylake, Ram DDR4, so far can make an application or heavy games running smoothly To Operate The system will use Windows 10, which replaced the OS controversial (Windows 8 ).

"Creative Desktop" / Creative Desk
This fourth dimension it came from the company HP, which has made a bit different from its competitors, namely the discovery of a product "Creative Table" (a kind of canvas), which is connected directly to a computer that already has aThis engineering is called (Touch Mat), which has two main functions that can perform scanning, which lies on the table and manipulate it. For example, when setting a coffee mug on Canvas, 3D camera will scan
Depth and size Thither is a projector above "Sproutve "Sprout"That with refrek can move photos from earlier in the Coffee Mug" Matt Touch ". So that the user can control the cops by touching a digital canvas. On the other hand, Dell also has built up "Smart Desk" with a PC all in one, with a series, which is like a virtual keyboard, where users can type directlIt's on the table

"Biometric Sensor"
Intel will make the Software where users can log in to a particular site memlalui biometric authentication.
The goal No 2, namely: relatively reliable biometric authentication and security, users no longer ask to remember dozens of passwords to log in to several different sites. So far the technology has been used perushaaan Apple is using to empower credit card payments through its Apple Pay, but Intel wants to bring a similar concept to it..
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