online activities popular children around the world

Kaspersky lab show that the children around the world spend most of the time of their online by use of communication tools such as societal networking, mail, chat, and others. By 67 percent of the overall online activity, website game 11 percent and a website which holds information about alcohol, drugs and tobacco 9 percent each position the second and third.

A senior Web content analyst in Kaspersky lab, Anna lacuna said, the popularity of several types of website among children in countries different can be imputed to the characteristics of the culture of each state and economic conditions. "We consider that the children become independent online, they are free to choose own music they want to listen to, movies and cartoon they want to watch, and software they want to install," he According to him, freedom to choose own, this is good, but in the virtual globe as well as in real life, it is necessary for the kids, get the guidance and guide on how to behave wise, safe and responsible.ible. Statistics indicate that during the 12-month period, the children reduce a visit to the communication media and themed sites aduThis movement can be described as children move the most of the activities of their sensitive to the mobile devices, which is not included in the report. (site statistics visited children).

The category most popular for youngsters in Mexico 86 percent, Russia, Brazil and Italy a little over 70 percent is a communication media over the Internet. while at least using communication media during this period is children in China 30 percent, Germany 31 percent and English 32 percent. Children in the UK 28 percent, Germany 26 percent and Australia 21 percent of the most often play online games, while the children in Mexico 4 percent, Italy 6 percent and Japan 7 percent less frequently doIn the case watch the television, listening to music and download the software, very clear children in Japan rank top 12 percent of the overall notification parental control.

They are as well more often shopping online, 17 percent, as well with children and youth in China 20 percent.ent. categories alcohol, tobacco and drugs grab notification parental control most in Germany 23 percent and English 25 percent. While, adult content brings up the notification, parental control the most children living in China, 23 percent and Japan 5 per centime. this topic to topics less interesting for children in the UK and the United States both less than 1 percent
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