the best Android in the world 2016

Industry Android smartphone progressing very rapidly, because every the vendor smartphone vying to make Android smartphone best with the livelihood of advanced technology that is not owned rivals-rival. However, sophisticated technology this is what make the most smartphone is priced no entry will, as
many of which we suffer to buy with value above $ 1000. But you don't have to care, because it is still a lot of the best smartphone with sale price much cheaper, although it is a smartphone for China.

this year vendors smartphone from China successful steal our attention is oneplus and xiaomi, because they managed to make smartphone that deserve designation flagship killer. Because they handled to make the HP best Android with low price, but in its didudukung specifications classy and advanced technology class USB type -c. Technology this is staying garden became future technology to supersede the war MicroUSB Port 2.0, as shown able to speed up the charging and delivery file on smartphones.

Xiaomi MI 4c, one plus 2, and xiaomi redeemed note 2 Prime it deserves inserted into the list of HP best Android and the world's cheapest, the reason is the third smartphone is priced under 5 million by offering specifications classy ready to compete against a smartphone best Android artificial Samsung, again, HTC, or Sony.y. but for those of you hungry will be the latest technology of course will not be enough when buying a third HP Android origin of the Chinese, therefore, we recommend you buy Sony Xperia z5 premium to be the best smartphone with screen resolution 4k first world. Not only offers screen resolution really high, Sony Xperia z5 premium also equipped kitchen runaway best at this time. where Sony combines chipset Snapdragon 810 with Ram 3gb that make it has a performance very quickly and responsive. Then there is also the ability waterproof and dust the mainstay series, Sony Xperia z, as considerably as the addition of features fingerprint scanner to improve access security smartphone sailing 5.5 inch this.

Unfortunately Sony Xperia z5 premium is not the HP Android fastest today, because there is still the Samsung Galaxy s6 edge + and Samsung Galaxy note 5 are relying chipset Exynos 7420 and 4gb Ram. blend of the components of hardware best technology with Super AMOLED screen resolution quad HD, not hayal make the Samsung Galaxy note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy s6 edge + be HP best Android in dunua, due to not currently there are capable of menandigi prowess affairs performance kitchen runway and sharpness screen, except by screen 4k owned Xperia z5 premium. In summation to the second smartphone that, there is also HP beast

Android made by again, that is again v10 and again g4 which both equally be smartphone flagship carrying specifications processor Snapdragon 808 and resolution screen quad HD. if we compare the specification between again v10 and again g4, apparently the be far superior again v10, because this smartphone technology dual screen that combines screen 5.7 inch screen sekuner measuring 2.1 inches. In increase, again v10 also equipped with dual front camera and 4gb Ram as the kitchen pacunya. Well, HP best Android artificial again that is inclined to compete against HP best Android Samsung Galaxy note 5, because both equally offers screen jumbo and a variety of advanced technology that is not owned rivals-rival. Many more HP best Android in the Earth in addition to the smartphone our pass above. each type offers different technologies according to the target market targeted by the vendor the author.
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