The development of Internet technology

Internet history begins in 1969 when the Department of Defense, U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Decided to carry on research on how to connect a computer to form an organic network. This research program known as the ARPANET. In 1970, already more than 10 computers are successfully linked to each other so that they can communicate with each other and form a network.

In 1972, Roy Tomlinson managed to complete the e-mail program that he created a year ago for the ARPANET. E-mail program is so easy that immediately became popular. In the same year, the icon @ is also presented as an important symbol that indicates the "at" or "on". In 1973, ARPANET computer network were developed outside the United States. Computer University College in London is the first data processor that is outside the United States who are members of ARPANET network. In the same year, two computer experts that Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn presented a bigger idea, which became the forerunner of the Internet thinking. This estimate was presented for the first time at the University of Sussex.
The next historic day is dated March 26, 1976, when the Queen of England managed to send an e-mail from the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment in Malvern. A yr later, already more than 100 computers on ARPANET joined to form a network or network. In 1979, Tom Truscott, Jim Ellis and Steve Bellovin, creating the first-named newsgroups USENET. In 1981 France Telecom creates a buzz by launching the first television, telephone, where people can visit each other while dealing with the video link.

Because the computers that fix up the network are getting more, it takes a formal protocol that is recognized by all networks. IIn 1982 established the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol, or TCP or IP that we know it altoMeanwhile, in Europe appear counter computer network known as Eunet, which offers computer network services in the countries of the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark and Sweden.Sweden. Eunet network providing e-mail and USENET newsgroups.

To homogenize the address on existing computer networks, and so in 1984 the domain name system, which we now know as DNS or Domain Name SystemA data processor connected to the existing network has more than 1000 computers.s. In 1987 the number of computers connected to the network soared 10-fold to 10,000 more.
In 1988, Jarko Oikarinen of Finland across and at the same time introduce IRC or Internet Relay Chat. A yr later, the number of interconnected computers soared 10-fold return in a year. NoNo fewer than 100,000 computers are now forging a network1990 is the year of the most historic, when Tim Berners Lee found the program editor and browser that can stray from one computer to another computer, which form a network. The program is called www, or the World Wide Web.

In 1992, computers that are joined to form a network has exceeded a million computers, and in the same year the term surfing the internet. In In 1994, the website has grown to 3000 pages address, and for the first time in a virtual-shopping or e-retail surfaced on the net.e The world changed today.he same year Yahoo! established, which is also well-born Netscape Navigator 1.0.
That info about the historical development of the Internet in the world from time to time. PerhapsMaybe you want to read the above article internet history also quoted from various sources, please in the save algae can also be used as an ebook. useful learning made.

Technology has more than one definition. One is the development and application of tools, machines, materials, and processes that help humans solve the trouble. Technology is constituted on the basis of science with the aim to facilitate the work oTo restrict a full understanding of the technology, the technology can sense in kelompoka as follows:
Engineering as the artificial stufTechnology as a human actiony
TeTechnology as a accumulation of scienceechnology as roundness system
Improvements in technology are something we cannot avoid in this life, because of technological advances will be run in accordance with sien Each innovation was created to offer positive benefits to human life. Offer a lot of convenience, as well as a new way to human activity. Specialized in the arena of technology people already enjoy many benefits brought by innovations that have been produced in the last decadeNevertheless, although it was originally created to generate positive benefits, on the other hand also allows the use of negative thingVery prominent example is the progression of internet technology. As we all know, the internet is today very easily accessible to us because many Internet service providers (ISPs) who provide Internet services to their customers acces with cheap rates though. Indonesia diverse ISP to provide service and to glean the benefits, of course, they competed to win the market competition and consumers by providing cheaper services to consumerNet access may now have become daily per person.on. this This can be tested by simply glancing at the contents of the cafe is full or crowded peoIt likewise means the culture of consumerism to the Internet in Indonesia is getting highThe growth of the Internet greatly assists humans in solving the problem, but not one next to it is also the Internet has a bad impact on the various sides.des.

Internet Access Technology
Improvements in information technology and communications allow us to access the Internet using a variety of technology options availabe Each of these technologies to access the Internet in several ways. Thus, the extra taps required is also different. On thOn this occasion will discuss various hardware requirements to access the Internet by utilizing multiple technologies. Through a Dial-Up Connection
If we connect our computer to the Internet with a dial-up connection, there are two enhancements that we demand, namely the telephone line and modemThe telephone line is needed to connect our computer to the ISP used. Furthermore, ISPs tersebuat will continue our connection to the Internet.
Modem commanded to convert digital signals into analog signals (electrical signals)To be charged through a telephone line, and vice versa for converting analog signals into digital signals that computers understandModem speed data transfer measured in sauna bytes per sec (bps)ps) or byUsually measuredIn general, the information transfer speed modem on the market is 56 Kbps (Kilo Bytes Per Second). (Kilo Bytes Per SeThither are 2 types of modem, the modem Internal and External Modems. Internal modem is a modem that is installed directly on the motherboard. While External Modem is a modem that is outside the CPU. Between the external modem with a data processor connected by cable.

2. Using Technology ASDL (Asymetrical Digital Subscriber)
By using ASDL technology allows them to be sent signals over copper wires at different frequencies with the frequency telephone service.
With ASDL technology, we can send a signal through the phone network without disrupting the telephone service. The The requisite, we must have ASDL modem, telephone, and registered with the ISPs which have ASDL services.. Using LAN Network
Namely, how to link your computer to the Internet by connecting your computer to another computer that is connected to the internet.

4. Through GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)
Namely pengriman technology in the kind of data packets using radio waves. It is the evolution of GSM technology. With this applied science, capable of transmitting data at speeds of 115 Kbps.

5. Through Network WiFi (Wireless Fidelity)
Namely wireless networking technology that utilizes high-frequency electromagnetic waves to send data. Frequencies used are in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. Laptops and PDAs usually can be used for this function.For ordinary PC can answer so after installing a WiFi card (WiFi card)..

6. Using the Cable TV Network
IE connects to the net through the TV. The conThe condition we experience to subscribe to cable TV service providers are equipped with Internet service, computers have been equipped with the operation of the Internet browser, System DOCSIS cable modem, a special modem cable TV, and has an Ethernet Card.

7.using 3G
That is the third generation communication technology (Third Generation) That permits us to communicate wirelessly with high question.3G speeds are planned for 2 Mbps.. With speeds like this, then sending images and sound to be really easy and does not become a probleThe stipulation is that we have HP 3G and the SIM card of a particular mobile operator providing 3G services and mobile number registered with us as a 3G subscribers.

Benefits of Internet General
Benefits of the Internet which is how we can come out of this technological progress.The welfares of the internet today feels more instrumental and very wide-ranging.. When in about 10 years ago, the benefits of the Internet are more widely used by the offices and businesses, the net is now arguably become mandatory for all walks of life and most of the young people  internet access is now much easier in the can with a lot of bertebarannya cafe, many schools that provide facilities and provide lessons about the world of internet. Besides the technological sophistication of smartphones, gadgets and internet access from home now be obtained easily and at a relatively low cos The internet seems like a doorway, that when we go through, would stretch all sorts of things from all over the worNot confined to the limitations of the eye can see, the Internet offers us to be able to travel the world without leaving your seat in front of the screen. Equally if the Internet world without limits of space and distanThrough the net we could myriad get the latest information about a variety of things. Met via the Internet with people from different regions of the world, share, talk to each other, exchange ideas, exchange knowledge and certainly will be many more uses for the Internet that wThe internet is getting more deeply felt the benefits for the users who cannot escape from this Internet world.Such as the internet marketing, blogging, blogger, and also now more and more online stores have a blank space in the eyes of the consumers who are looking for a particular it Consumers do not bear to bother anymore to obtain an  item. Could just find additional data about the desired goods or even simultaneous order, pay and complete the transaction, and then just wait for things to come delivered at the address we asked for.

Whether it can be trusted, or is not afraid of the risk of being laid when ordering goods via the netOf path, all possibilities can happen, let alone in the virtual world (read: Internet), in the real world is also real visible goods, sellers and buyers can still occur even if the risAs with virtually all things in the world, the Internet also has two different sides.lack and white, good and evil, benefit and harm, positive and negative. So actually what the benefits of the internet we can acquire, especially for young peoplWe go from the negative impacts first.

Positive enviWe can terminate the job easier aided by technological devicesogical devicHerbs are easy to grow and use.
we can communicate with other people with access to e-mail, chat, through direct communication (conversation) Even over the internet this comes across.
the emergence of various kinds of community of the Internet itself.
We can easily get the information we need. especially with the help of web search engines like google / yahoo searh etc.
we are enabled to shop via the Internet.
As the evolution of even the Internet can be accessed from the grip of our own that is with mobile media are very positive as internet access can be done easily and with relatively very cheap rates too.

Negative impacThe issue of the fraudsters who use the Internet.he Internet.
A culture of piracy.h easy information on reprint without permission of the information providers or without writing source. it already is what we call 'copast' copy paste.
The issue of pornographic / adult content content. I thI reckon it's so not a problem in terms of adult contBut which becomes the downside is simply pornographic / adult content accessible to minors under age..
thThe emergence of theft by using up / hack.his may be an excess of pleasure or knowledge of the thief but nonetheless theft was not justified bro.
With increasingly easy to shop via the Internet we can improve the civilization of consumption that lead to wasteful nature and effect certainly not good for the pocket.
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