WhatsApp Immediate Support GIF?

For users WhatsApp, there is good intelligence. Unlikely longer WhatsApp will support content delivery Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) Or image file format commonly used for images on web and software plans.

If truthful, it would be an alternative option used in communicating with other users. During this time, users communicate with emoji or voicemail. Information affecting the above GIF support is delivered by @WABetaInfo account, Twitter account which continuously monitors changes WhatsApp renewal.
Agreeing to that account, at present, WhatsApp is developing a platform so that they can automatically display and play GIF in the conversation.
Later, write the account, WhatsApp supports GIF content is version In the new version, some things are different,
The wasp will be able to attach a GIF of a linkup to the conversation and can direct the play automatically GIF.
Accounts stressed, the possibility of a new WhatsApp it only works with GIF link. And then, if a user GIF images directly from the user's device, it can not walk and function.
In addition, the bill says, updates on WhatsApp will allow users to convert GIF images into a simple image format.
Another note, to get the link GIF, users still have to "bother" looking GIF content, to perish
platform WhatsApp. So acquire a link GIF, then the user can only copy to the conversation.
The account could not guarantee when updates and support to the GIF version could be published. Given the currently still in beta stage, it is possible to GIF support WhatsApp could wait some time after.
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