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Signo 1.5

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Windows 2000/Xp/Xp x86_64/Vista/Vista x86_64/7/7 x86_62
Accessories > Extensions and desktop layers

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ICON: Signo

Signo 1.5

Signo is an efficient and helpful utility used for managing the existing keyboard shortcuts in the Windows system as well as adding new ones in order to boost the performance and efficiency of the operating system. The program is excellent – very comfortable, helpful and suitable for anyone.

The program is a comprehensive keyboard shortcuts manager. Thanks to its extensive database containing a wide range of shortcuts as well as due to its effective shortcut creator, the program considerably enhances our work. We are now able to automatically copy text to a target application both in text and HTML formats, open applications by means of keyboard shortcuts, open certain tools and scripts via a single shortcut, manage and optimize RAM and save screenshots. Of course, these are only some of the options it offers. The program is really powerful and its functions are determined by the user’s creativity.

The program’s interface is very comfortable and logically-structured and offers us a quick access to all its functions. It definitely deserves the best marks and can be recommended to all computer users.

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