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Rigs of Rods 0.38.67

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Rigs of Rods Development Team
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Windows 2000/Xp/Xp x86_64/Vista/Vista x86_64/7/7 x86_62, Mac OsX
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ICON: Rigs of Rods

Rigs of Rods 0.38.67

For any fan of racing games Rigs of Rods will definitely be a tempting suggestion. It is a free, open source program simulating various vehicles and offering a unique, soft body physics engine which gives the ability to simulate deformable objects.

What does that mean? Every single object in the game is treated as a flexible entity interacting with environment. The properties are specified by means of a range of parameters such as weight, structure or suspension (in the case of vehicles). This allows for a very realistic representation of reactions between objects and terrain. There is also an advanced and realistic module of flight simulation thanks to which we can see how a given structure behaves when flying (the program calculates it on the basis of the object’s shape and its properties). The program can also simulate objects in water (or other liquids). Thanks to using the potential of dual-core processors, efficiency is retained (there is also a planned support for multi-core processors and CUDA).
The program’s interface is transparent and comfortable. Its integral part is support for user-created modifications, from new vehicles, aircraft and ships, to any other elements of this virtual world.

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